SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod speed competition winner tops 200 MPH

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SpaceX held its second Hyperloop Pod design competition for student feeds at the test track built near its test track today. The mile long track saw three finalist teams battle it out for speed supremacy, including WARR Hyperloop from Germany, Switzerland’s Swissloop and Paradigm, a North American team with members from Northeastern and Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada.

The winner was WARR, which was built by students at the Technical University of Munich, ran at a speed of 324 km/h, which is over 201 mph. That easily topped the next place team, and the WARR unit was the only to even attempt to reach its top speed during the runs.

The team earned the praise of SpaceX co-founder and CEO Elon Musk with the victory, who said that it was extremely impressive as a result from a student initiative. Musk ramped up the stakes immediately, however, saying that he believes with work it would be possible to get up to above 500 km/h even in the relatively short mile-long test track SpaceX currently has in place.

There will be more opportunities to compete, too – Musk also announced that as of today, SpaceX has decided to host the competition again next year, marking the third running of the pods. The competition itself is a volunteer effort but on by SpaceX (and, notably this year, The Boring Company) employees who volunteer their time on race day and also help mentor the students working on the pods, and prepare for the tests.

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The three teams that competed on Sunday were selected from the larger group based on satisfying a number of pre-run criteria, including tests designed to ensure their vehicles can run in the mile of test track with a relative guarantee of safe performance. WARR’s Pod also did well in the January Hyperloop Pod competition, achieving the top speed, then, too. WARR’s January speed was only 58 mph, however, to give you an idea of just how far its come.

The WARR pod is built entirely of a carbon fiber, which helps it keep weight down and lends to it ability to reach high speeds in the functional vacuum conditions of the depressurized tube interior. Both the other competitors in the final faced some technical issues, including a tube pressurization problem for Paradigm that meant they did their run in less than vacuum conditions, and some connectivity problems for Swissloop.

Paradigm was the only team to use air bearings, as described in the original Hyperloop white paper released by Elon Musk, and WARR’s pod won thanks to its electric motor and lightweight 176 lb frame.

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Samsung eyes reset with new Galaxy Note

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Samsung on Wednesday unveiled a new model of its Galaxy Note as it seeks to leave behind the debacle over exploding batteries in the previous generation of the device, and mount a renewed challenge to Apple and its soon-to-come iPhone 8.

Introducing the Note 8 “phablet” at an event in New York City, executives repeatedly thanked fans who had remained loyal to the device.

“None of us will ever forget what happened last year,” said Samsung president of mobile communications business DJ Koh.

“But, I will never forget how millions of dedicated Note loyalists stayed with us; so let me express my deepest gratitude.”

The South Korean giant laid claim to being the first smartphone maker to field a “phablet” device — combining features of smartphones and tablets — when it introduced the first Note five years ago.

Samsung did not disclose the price of the Note 8, which will hit shops on September 15 but will be available for pre-orders starting Thursday.

Note 8 features include dual cameras on the back, with improved image capabilities, and a signature “S Pen” for drawing or writing on touch screens.

“All in all, it was a good day for Samsung,” Moore Insights and Strategy analyst Patrick Moorhead said at the event.

“The Note 7 is clearly behind them and now it’s onto the future with the Note 8.”

The analyst depicted the Note 8 as Samsung’s best opportunity in years to gain market share in the fiercely competitive premium smartphone market.

– iPhone turns 10 –
The Note 8 debut comes on the heels of Samsung launching new Galaxy 8 smartphones, and as the South Korean consumer electronics giant and fellow market leader Apple seek wow factors that can help them fend off challenges from rising Chinese-based manufacturers.

Apple is under particular pressure to dazzle as the culture-changing California iPhone maker looks for a way to maintain its image as an innovation leader in a global market showing signs of slowing.

Apple is expected to unveil a 10th anniversary version of the iPhone in September.

“Clearly, Apple wants to do something different,” NPD Group analyst Stephen Baker told AFP.

Reports say the new iPhone will include a high-quality, edge-to-edge screen with a notch in the top for an extra camera supporting 3D facial recognition.

Some speculate that the back of the new handset will be glass and will offer wireless charging.

Meanwhile, Google-made Pixel smartphones that debuted last year will likely get a second generation in the months ahead.

Global smartphone sales saw a modest decline of 0.8 percent in the second quarter of 2017, an IDC survey showed.

Samsung maintained top spot in the crowded field with a 23.3 percent market share, while Apple held onto second place with 12 percent, according to IDC.

“Samsung had the Note 7 debacle, but it appears their troubles are behind them,” GlobalData analyst Avi Greengart told AFP. “Samsung is doing some amazing things with its display and design.”

– ‘Infinity’ and beyond –
Note 8 handsets boasted “infinity” screens that span edge-to-edge on handsets, to enhance the viewing of video or help to juggle multiple tasks.

Samsung said it also built its Bixby virtual assistant smarts into Note 8 as it battles to compete with artificial intelligence being meshed into handsets powered by Apple or Google-backed Android software.

Note 8 also boasted water and dust resistance, along with wireless charging capability.

“We appreciate the relentless passion of the Note community,” Koh said during a presentation focused almost as much on Note fans as it was on the new handset.

“They’ve been a constant inspiration to us, and we designed the new Note for them.”

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