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Allbirds launches a kids shoe line called Smallbirds

Trendy Silicon Valley shoe startup Allbirds introduced a new line for kids today called, of course, Smallbirds.

These couldn’t have come at a better time as I find myself looking at all things baby clothes and shoes these days (I’m pregnant, for those asking). The cute little, but limited edition shoes are for ages two to four and are an exact replica of it’s adult Wool Runner version, meaning each pair are made with the startup’s signature eco-friendly merino wool material.

“Given merino wool’s intrinsic qualities, it made complete sense to move in that direction,” cofounder Tim Brown said in a press release. “Plus, the naming options were just too good.”

The kids shoes are $55 a pair, which might be a bit pricey for babies but seem pretty average for kid’s shoes. Baby shoes on online kids clothes site Lenny Lemons average around $20, for instance. Nike brand baby shoes on DSW are closer to $40-45.

The shoes come in toddler’s sizes and are available in three colors: natural grey, Kea red and NZ blue. For a limited time, each purchase will be accompanied by a children’s book called ‘Sadie Shaves the Day,’ which cofounder Joey Zwillinger penned himself.

The launch seems timely as the holiday season is right around the corner. Dressing your kid up with a matching pair could also make for some adorable social media posts.

Parents can purchase the shoes online or in Allbirds’ San Francisco or New York City stores.

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